Water, Sun, and a New Driver for SWFF

The late spring precipitation has blessed us with a boggy high country, and as this water slowly makes its way to the rivers, it will water the forests, pastures, and crops of southwestern Colorado.  You might say, when it comes to the small vegetable and meat producers of SWFF, that water is our food.  Cool, pure mountain water.  Thanks ye gods!


Seasonal stream, Taylor Mesa. 6/6/15

The cloud cover, rain, and cold temperatures have kept the crops from growing as fast as we’d like them to, but with recent sunny days, the soil is warming and new (edible) life is emerging.


Purple asparagus, Wily Carrot, Mancos.

We’ve hired a new driver – we welcome to our team Brian Barnes of Durango.  You might have met Brian on our first Wednesday delivery.  He’ll be piloting Yolanda from farm to table.  Welcome Brian!



Sixteen big boxes of new yellow bins arrived the other day.  It was like Christmas for a distribution manager!



So, please help us visualize bountiful farms and viable local food systems as we move into summer.  We’ll make your local food dreams come true, given time, water, and sun.



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    Melissa Strand

    Is there anyone out there looking for about an acre of land to use free ? It would need some work, and has irrigation (which would also need work) . We aren’t using it and would like to offer it to someone who would like to farm it. We are out in Bayfield.