The Growing Season

We’re not sure how it snuck in, but May is here to bury us with work.  It’s all right, we knew it would happen.  The list of demands is long: Baby plants and animals to nurture, irrigation lines to fix, high tunnels to cover with new plastic, tillers to tune, soil to be worked, planting to be scheduled, and so on and so forth.  This is what it takes – this is food!


Happy piglets at Berto Farm in Yellowjacket.


Tom Gentry at Eagle Tree Farm getting ready to drill in seed for a cover crop near Dolores. 

When the farms are busy, so is the cooperative.  We’re setting up our new world headquarters in Mancos!  We’ve finally found a home for our new office trailer, thanks to Nancy and Robin Strothers who have welcomed us to their lot on Main Street.  Here we’ll have our office, take orders, make phone calls, provide cold storage, and otherwise keep all the wheels turning that get amazing fresh local food from the farm to the table.

Stubborn Farm moving the SWFF office.

Stubborn Farm moving the SWFF office.

The new SWFF world headquarters in place on Main Street in Mancos.

The new SWFF world headquarters in place on Main Street in Mancos. Thanks for the help Dustin Stein and Gabe Deall!

On May 2nd, a group of us got together to share information about harvesting and processing techniques, and to celebrate a little before the season’s tasks separate us for the next four months!


Kellie Pettyjohn of Wily Carrot, Mary Vozar of Confluence Farm, and Kim Lindgren of Red Canyon Farm.


It’s been a lovely, cool spring in southwestern Colorado, and given the current growth of veggies, we anticipate a delivery start date of the first week in June.  We look forward to filling your menus with the best that our region has to offer!


Apple blossoms in Mancos

Apple blossoms in Mancos