SWFF Delivers!

This is a busy week for SWFF – our first deliveries of the 2015 season are coming up on Wednesday and Thursday.  ‘Maycember’ set the plants back quite a bit, but with that newfound glowing orb in the sky spreading its warmth to everything, we expect primo veggie growth to commence!

Roll call:  Greens! Spinach! Braising Mix!  Mini onions!  Lamb!  Trout!

Here’s some photos from the week at SWFF:


Emily Jensen of Homegrown Farm in Bayfield


Pepper starts at Homegrown Farm


Brandon, Chris, Jared, and Andrew from Telski investigate the Wily Carrot with owner Kellie Pettyjohn


The Telski guys with Dustin Stein communing with the angus at Burk Beef


SWFF refrigerated cargo trailer set up at Arriola Community Center – area farms will drop produce into the trailer and Yolanda will pick it up.