Southwest Farm Fresh 2016 CSA!

Thinking about signing up for the Southwest Farm Fresh CSA? Want more information about the CSA model before you commit? Want to know why you should sign up for the Southwest Farm Fresh CSA instead of other CSAs? Read this blog before signing up!

What is a CSA?

HeirloomTomatoes.LickSkilletCSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for consumers to buy local produce directly from a farmer (or farmers) in their area. Consumers pay in advance, at the beginning of the season, for produce they will receive throughout the farming season. The consumer paying in advance makes the life of the farmer much easier (hence the title, Community Supported Agriculture), as it helps them cover the beginning of the season costs, like seeds, labor and the many other costs of planting and harvesting a farm before the farmer can make it to the farmer’s market. In exchange for the investment, the consumer receives a “share” of the farmer’s produce for the season at a better rate than buying throughout the season.  It helps both the farmer and consumer get to know one another, as the consumer is buying directly from the farmer. Connecting agriculturists and consumers helps to build a stronger community, each side gaining a deeper understanding and respect for the other.

Why Southwest Farm Fresh CSA?

Being a member of the Southwest Farm Fresh (SWFF) CSA allows you to experience the benefits of any CSA, with many added bonuses. Because the SWFF has 18 farms contributing to the CSA, it is what is known as a “multi-farm CSA.” As a member of the SWFF CSA, you will enjoy the benefit of getting to know several farmers, instead of just one. In addition, you will get to enjoy the freshest, local produce all season long from a different variety of farms each week.  SWFF will provide you wiHGF.PepperStartsth weekly newsletters which will include recipes and ideas for how to use your produce. It is a wonderful way to get the whole family involved in cooking dinner and eating a healthier diet. When kids know their farmer, they can be more encouraged to eat the vegetables in front of them. Parents can say, “Eat your carrots! Mike and his sons Kanan and Gavin from Homegrown Farm grew them!” There will also be an opportunity to visit a few of the farms over a weekend towards the end of the season. This is a great opportunity for children and adults alike to learn where their food comes from and how it is grown. Also with the SWFF CSA, you have the opportunity to add meats from our three meat producers. With the meat add-on, you will receive one to two pounds of beef, pork or lamb. In addition to meat, you can add James Ranch Cheese (1/2 pound every other week), bakery items from Absolute Bakery in Mancos or gluten free baking mixes from New Hat Baking in Durango.

The pick-up location is conveniently located at the Smiley Building, 1309 East 3rd Avenue, on Thursdays from 4-7. If you are out of town, we encourage CSA members to ask a friend or relative to pick up their box! If you members are unable to pick up the box one week, we encourage members to inform us in advance so we can make arrangements to donate it to a low-income family that week. At the Southwest Farm Fresh Cooperative, we believe in community. We believe in supporting one another to make our community stronger. This is why unclaimed boxed will be donated to low-income families in our community. In addition. We are offering the opportunity for our CSA members to sponsor a low-income family for the season. Depending on how many sponsorships we get, this may rotate between different families, or all go to one family for the whole season. This is a wonderful way to get involved and make a positive difference to others in our community. If you would like to do this, please add an extra CSA on your application form. There is an opportunity to sponsor a full-share or half-share.

Thank you for supporting LOCAL food, farmers and agriculture!