Recap of Awesome News (Not Bragging)

Greetings again, world.  It’s SWFF here!  We’re not braggarts by nature, but we do want to let everyone know about some awesome developments that have befallen our little organization in the last year.

The co-op was officially formed in March 2014, with the help of a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant.  We got all the boring organizational stuff set up and running – bylaws, bookkeeping, hiring, storming, etc. – and still managed to do a great season of business (we increased our collective wholesale sales from 2013 by 100% – how about them turnips?)


A full load of SWFF produce goes to Telluride

We also wrote and received a $70,000 grant from the USDA Local Food Promotion Program to buy a mobile office trailer for our operating base, three refrigerated cargo trailers that will be semi-stationary drop points and cold storage, and some marketing help.  We’ve got infrastructure!


Our new home on wheels

Then late in the year we learned that the Montezuma School to Farm Project had been awarded another huge USDA grant, and that SWFF was a party to it to the tune of $40,000 for a variety of expenses.  This leaves SWFF in a strong position to provide an effective service and to support the prosperity of local family farms in our region in 2015.


Delicious things to come!

We look forward to working with you this season as we grow our business and our farms!